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Advantages and Disadvantages of Flow Chemistry

Safety : Productivity : Control : Mixing : Elevated-conditions : Automation : Telescoping : Scale-up : Greening : Waste reduction

A long list of advantages are associated with flow chemistry, but perhaps more useful to understand is why these come about.

Increasing Reaction Rate

This modeller uses the Arrhenius equation to determine the effect of the temperature on the rate constant. For short predicted reaction times, mixing may well dominate and control your reactions. With active mixing (e.g. stirrers within the fReactor-Classic or static mixing elements in tubes) the time at which mixing starts to dominate will be lower than for unmixed systems, allowing you to intensify your reaction.

If you don't have a value for the activation energy, use a value of 50 kJ/mol.

Current Temperature (°C)
Current Time (minutes)
Activation Energy (kJ/mol)
Proposed Temperature (°C)
Estimated Time